Should I move to Oregon? Is it safe in Washington? These questions are common among baby boomers on the move. 

Baby boomers want to know where exactly they should be moving to have an enjoyable retirement. Here is a list of the top 7 states that seniors are flocking to for their golden years.


The cost of living is low, there is a fast-growing job market, and the state’s “wholesomeness” quality is attracting new residents.


The state is known for its lush and scenic landscapes of trees and rivers and major business centers.


What better location to spend your “Golden Years” than in a state where bright skies are visible nearly 365 days a year?

South Carolina 

South Carolina is famous for its overall affordability and its Southern charm, calm pace of life, and moderate temperature.


Big technology and big pay are attracting new talent and culture.


Expect year-round warmth, the most casual dress code of any state, and a constant rotation of new faces, due to the massive tourism industry.

North Carolina

Basketball, delicious barbecue, unbelievably affordable housing prices, and a beautiful shoreline keep the new residents piling in.