There’s nothing better than seeing your grandchildren’s eyes light up when they unwrap a popular gadget they’ve wanted for a while. However, there’s a good chance their parents will insist that it’ll just be clutter tomorrow. Here are some gifts you could give your grandchildren:

Inspiring books

Bedtime stories aren’t the same as before. In Volumes 1 and 2 of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, none of the heroines dream of marrying a prince. Neither does Harriet Tubman, star of Before She Was Harriet, a lyrical biography for children. This book, along with hits like Windows and Wonder, was declared a notable title among children’s bestsellers as per a Published Weekly poll.

A day of play

Give your grandkids a healthy outlet for their energy with a gift card for a trampoline or indoor playground center. It would be even better if you give their parents a day off and spend quality time bonding with your grandkids at the ball pit.

Crafting classes

Craft stores like Joann offer lessons in sewing, crocheting, baking, and the like and are more targeted toward older kids and teenagers.

Board games

A good old-fashioned board game can encourage a healthy sense of competition and problem-solving skills in your grandkids. Be prepared to play one or two rounds with them!

Comic book subscription

The Squad Block Box is an excellent choice for curious minds. The subscription includes an issue featuring protagonists of color and tells a story with a great message.

Musical instruments

You already know your grandchildren are talented—why not show the world their musical gift with an instrument and lessons? Amazon offers all kinds of deals on musical instruments.

Skating rink or bowling alley admission

An afternoon of family togetherness at the skating rink, bowling alley, or an indoor rock climbing gym will ensure everyone’s endorphins get flowing.

Cratejoy books

Cratejoy offers fun and educational subscription boxes for kids. The BookCase Club box, one of Cratejoy’s offerings, features many idea-packed books for the most adventurous kids.

Aside from these, you could also get your grandchildren a museum membership, tickets to a live show, a Kiwi Crate subscription, sports equipment, or a Bitsbox.