Black cats often have the reputation for being bad luck, but that’s not always the case. In fact, a cat owner’s life was saved by her ebony feline.

Piran, the cat, lives with his cat mom in Cornwall, England. When the 83-year-old woman went missing, neighbors started a search party, and looked out for her around the nearby countryside. Unfortunately, she was nowhere to be found, until searchers spotted Piran, mewing loudly next to a cornfield gate.

“The cat is very attached to her, and he was going back and forth in the gateway and meowing, so I decided to go and search the maize field,” said Longmuir, a searcher.

With the crops standing around seven feet tall, the search was difficult. Keeping to the perimeter, Tamar Longmuir scouted the field, calling out her neighbor’s name. As she reached the bottom of the field, she heard a faint response.

To Tamar’s dismay, she saw that the elderly woman had taken a fall down a steep, 70-foot ravine. After passing through barbed wire, she had come to rest in a stream. Longmuir made her way down, and thankfully her neighbor had sustained no major injuries. The elderly woman said that she had been stuck there for several hours.

Tamar had to then climb back up the ravine to get phone service, and was able to contact emergency services who arrived soon. They then freed the stranded senior from the ravine. After a two-hour effort by around 25 personnel from the fire department, police, and air and water rescue services, the elderly woman was airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment.

“Whilst the lady concerned is still currently receiving care, she is in good spirits and is being well looked after. Piran the cat saved the day!, said the Bodmin Police in a Facebook post.