Diabetes is a long-lasting disease that affects how your body changes food into energy. 

Most of the food you eat gets broken down into glucose (sugar) and is released into your bloodstream. Insulin plays a crucial role in allowing blood sugar to enter your body’s cells for use as energy. If you’re affected with diabetes, your body either can’t use the insulin it produces well enough or doesn’t make adequate amounts of insulin.

Diabetes is mainly of three types—type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy). While type 1 diabetes symptoms may develop quickly, symptoms of type 2 diabetes may not be noticeable.

Monitoring blood glucose levels

Monitoring your blood glucose levels is an essential part of every diabetes management plan. Regular self-monitoring helps prevent the occurrence of low and high blood glucose levels, get a better understanding of the condition, learn how to improve sugar control, and recognize patterns of changes in blood glucose levels and the reason behind the changes.

To monitor blood glucose levels, you can either use a single-use lancet or a safety lancet. The former is meant for one use and must be discarded in a sharps container as per local regulations. Safety lancets are also meant for one use and are spring-loaded and auto-retract. Healthcare workers use safety lancets to lower the risk of infection between patients.

Getting a proper blood sample is necessary when testing. Remember these tips to test properly:

– Read the instructions that come with the lancet, and learn how to use the device properly.

– Adjust the depth setting on the lancing device to comfortably get a usable sample on the first try.

– Every time you test, use a new lancet to reduce discomfort and prevent infection.

People with diabetes must, without fail, take the necessary precautions to prevent getting infected by the novel coronavirus because having both may prove to be fatal. Remember to always wear a mask, physically distance, and wash your hands regularly/maintain hand hygiene.