Want to eat healthy without spending a lot of money? Here some meal ideas to feed a family of four in less than $10:

Teriyaki chicken thighs

Slow-cooked teriyaki chicken thighs, with the thighs cooked just right, can go big with your family.

Beef and tater bake

This one’s a heartwarming, all-in-one dinner. Moreover, cleaning up after making it will be a breeze.

Turkey and broccoli pastry braid

This meal is an easy way to get children and adults to eat broccoli. The pure, flaky goodness that is the puff pastry wraps up veggies, turkey, and cheese.

Corn quesadillas

These cheesy corn quesadillas take only a few minutes to go from the skillet to the table.

Grilled basil chicken and tomatoes

To make this, marinate the chicken in an herby tomato blend for an hour and then toss it on the grill.

Tomato and pepper sirloin steak

This dish is under 300 calories. The zippy peppers and the beefy sauce give it an enhanced flavor.

Chicken cordon bleu in pastry

This fancy dish can be served to both family and guests. To make this, bake chicken breasts in the flaky dough.

Spaghetti with bacon

This dish, a favorite at birthday party dinners, also makes for a great budget-friendly weeknight meal.

Pierogi beef skillet

This one’s a complete meal that’s hearty and thick with veggies and potatoes and beef.

Garlic lemon shrimp

This elegant, simple pasta dish only takes minutes to cook. Serve with toasted bread to soak up the garlic lemon sauce.

Pressure cooker rigatoni with sausage and peas

This dish is the definition of comfort food. It has tangy goat cheese and a tomato-y meat sauce.

Cheesy ham and potato packet

Grill the potatoes, ham, and cheese in foil. It’s a great way to use leftover ham.

Tangy pulled pork sandwiches

Slow cook the pork to keep the pork saucy, tender, and loaded with flavor.

Steak and new potato toss

Use leftover barbecued steak, red bell peppers, white potatoes, and green broccoli to make this main-dish salad.

With these meal ideas, stress no more about making a budget-friendly dinner on weeknights!