Senior discounts may not make a difference to your daily finances, but every dollar adds up. We’ve grouped discounts from five major sectors that you can take advantage of today. They’re sure to boost your savings and pad your retirement fund.

Discounts at restaurants: Many restaurants offer promotions, special menus, and attractive discounts to seniors. This is to tempt you to dine at the restaurant frequently. So far, attractive deals include the 10 percent off purchases at all Arby locations (they also throw in a free drink) and the 55 plus menus and discounts at Denny’s and IHOP. If you enjoy a steak dinner, Outback Steakhouse offers 10 percent discounts to AARP cardholders.

Discounts at retail outlets: Shopping is about to get a lot more fun. Check local stores and outlets to see if they offer senior discounts on a specific day. This allows you to plan and facilitate some massive savings. Kohl’s, for instance, offers a 15 percent senior discount on most items every Wednesday while Ross Stores offers a 10 percent senior discount every Tuesday. If you prefer to shop online, Amazon Prime offers discounted membership to Medicaid cardholders.

Grocery store senior discounts: Prune your weekly and monthly grocery budget with senior discounts. We recommend checking out the 10 percent discount on select items at Fred Meyer (first Tuesday of every month), the 10 percent senior discount at New Seasons (every Wednesday), and the 5 percent discount at Hy-Vee (every Wednesday at participating locations.)

Senior discounts at hotels: Snagging a senior discount at a hotel isn’t always easy, but they’re there if you know where to look. We recommend booking directly from the hotel’s website to avail of special rates for seniors. Alternatively, you could book through an AARP page. Hotels like Best Western, Cambria Suites, Choice Hotels, and participating locations at Marriott all offer great discounts for seniors.

Senior discounts at car rentals: Avis provides a 30 percent discount off base rates for AARP members. Participating locations offer 30 percent off their rentals. Hertz allows you to save up to 20 percent if you’re over 50.