When you’re traveling, a memorable meal can leave a lasting impression. But finding a good local restaurant in an unfamiliar city can be really tricky, and it’s easy to chance upon eateries that are tourist traps. If you want to avoid a case of eater’s remorse, follow these tips to find the best local restaurants in any city or town you travel to.

Plan ahead

Whether that means browsing Yelp, booking culinary tours, or looking up food bloggers in the region, planning ahead can help you find the best food in a city. It’s also a good idea to research the most popular meals and dishes in the city, so you know what to order.

Talk to real people

Getting recommendations through an online guide is a decent fallback plan, but you’ll get the best restaurant picks if you speak to people you meet on your travels. For instance, if you’re taking a cab from the airport, don’t hesitate to ask the cab driver what the best restaurants are for local food. Or, if you’re visiting tourist spots in the area, ask employees there which restaurants they recommend.

Look or lines

People waiting in line in front of a certain eatery is a great sign. No, we’re not saying tourists need to waste precious time waiting for hours to be seated for a meal. But if you chance upon a popular spot, find a better time to come back. Or call later and check if you can make a reservation.

Check local newspapers

Local newspapers usually have a section about restaurants in the city. You may also come across flyers and coupons that you can use at different eateries. Given this, make sure to check the local newspaper. However, don’t limit yourself to only browsing out the most popular paper. It’s a good idea to pick up and check free newspapers and weeklies, as well. If you find information about restaurants that seem appealing to you, make sure to visit them in person.

Ask people on social media

If you’re traveling to an unfamiliar city, make sure to ask for recommendations on social media. Among all your connections, at least a few are likely to have traveled to the place you’re visiting. You’ll, thus, receive a ton of answers, and you’ll likely find out about places you wouldn’t have otherwise! What’s more, since you’re hearing from people you trust, you can rest assured that they’re not giving you a fake review.