If you have an injury or sickness that may leave you unable to call for help by phone, you must have a reliable medical alert system. Medical alert systems are life-saving gadgets that alert help when a button is pressed, or in some cases, when a fall is detected. It’s a challenge to know where to start looking, with seemingly endless options to choose from. We’ve tried to make your decision easier. Read on to learn more about top medical alert systems and how to choose one. 

What to look for

1. Reliable Equipment: It’s important to choose a reliable medical alert system. After all, it’s not something you’re going to replace any time soon. If you want to go with a trusted brand, find one with a reputation for making durable equipment that has a guarantee of lasting at least ten years. You can also look for systems with help buttons built into the beacons, as well as base stations that are easy to mount onto your wall and have the durability to withstand a fall.

2. Usability: There are a lot of different medical alert systems out there, with many different features and capabilities. Yet, they’re all designed to simplify your life, giving you peace of mind, because you know you have the help you need, if and when you require it. So before you make a decision, keep in mind that not all systems are user-friendly; some are much more streamlined and easy to use than others. The best ones address all levels of ability, making sure that users can operate them with as little help as possible.

3. Affordable Pricing: Medical alert systems are relatively inexpensive to operate and can be very beneficial. They cost anywhere from $20-$40 per month. So, it’s important to do your research before purchasing a device. Ask for the best deal from different stores before choosing the one for you.

It’s important to choose the best medical alert system that suits your needs thoroughly. Make sure to read through the terms of service, so you can know what to expect in case danger strikes. Enquire about the upfront costs of purchasing and operating the system before making your purchase and enrolling in a service as well.

List of the top medical alert systems of 2022

  1. Medical Guardian : Best Overall
  2. Bay Alarm Medical : Most Affordable Devices
  3. Aloe Care Health : Best Caregiver Features
  4. ADT : Most Durable Equipment
  5. Medical Alert : Best Mobile App
  6. LifeFone : Free Spouse Coverage
  7. Lifeline : Easiest to Use
  8. MobileHelp : Best Bundled Devices
  9. One Call Alert : Medication Reminders
  10. Lively Mobile+ : Quick Call Response
  11. WellBe by HandsFree Health : Best Voice Features
  12. LifeStation : Low Monthly Fees
  13. ResponseNow : Best Battery
  14. QMedic : Smartest Medical Alert System
  15. Alert1 : Best Cellular Coverage