It’s no secret that everyone loves a beautiful woman—especially in front of the camera! Weather girls are sought-after not only for their on-camera appeal but also for their social media pull. These stunning women make even the dullest weather forecast a bit more fun with their pretty hair and voices, brightening up even the most cloudy day.

Yanet Garcia

Mexican social media star Yanet García is a TV presenter, influencer, and meteorologist for Televisa Monterrey. Known for her candid photographs of her daily life, she also shares cheeky bikini photos on Instagram. Garcia has been featured on the cover of several Mexican magazines and in fashion campaigns for major brands. Her fans find it fun to check out what she’s up to on Instagram. In addition to being beautiful, she also has a friendly personality and is funny, which helps her in gaining followers.

Ximena Córdoba Londoño

Colombian actress and weather girl Ximena Córdoba Londoño is popular not only for her beauty but also for her smarts. She is the host of TNT’s Movie Club and Despierta America, and she was part of the sitcom Francisco el Matemático. She posts photos showing herself in the gym, sweating and straining as she shapes her body. Sometimes she takes followers behind the scenes of her job. Her fans are always excited to see more of her work and think she looks excellent for her age.

Ariane Brodier

French weather broadcaster Ariane Brodier studied meteorology before pursuing a career as a weather presenter on the French TV channel M6. Her first appearance on national television at the age of 19 made her famous in the country and among her colleagues. Her Instagram feed is dominated by photos of her family and home. She frequently posts about her day-to-day life, and many people are interested in seeing how she spends her time. They enjoy the access they get.

Diana Alvarado

Diana Alvarado, Channel 44’s weather presenter, loves staying fit and has been crowned International Miss America. Diana works out every day and appears on TV with a smile for every season. It’s no wonder that her figure is so sculpted. Alvarado is also a skilled, motivational speaker. In her speeches and writing, Alvarado presents complex information in clear, simple terms while at the same time making people laugh. Alvarado’s goal is to motivate people by putting a human face on topics that are not easily understandable.

Evelyn Taft

Evelyn Taft is a news reporter who also is a meteorologist and has lived in many places all around the globe, including Israel, France, and more. Evelyn is a sweet, poised, and capable meteorologist whose unique calm delivery attracts viewers of all ages. She speaks Hebrew, French, and English and is married to Roaming Hunger founder Ross Resnick. Evelyn’s Instagram feed reveals her sweet and intimate family life. Evelyn’s followers have helped boost Evelyn’s Instagram account to great heights.